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Life is all about a search. We spend it in pursuit of purpose and meaning.




having a strong effect on someone or something.

IMP4CT meets Wednesday nights from 6:00-7:45 pm.

All students from grades 7-12 are invited and welcome!


The Mission

IMP4CT meets Wednesday nights from 6:15-7:45 pm. All students from grades 7-12 are invited and welcome!

IMP4CT is a group of young, inspired leaders dedicated to having an impact on each and every person that we come in contact with. We fully believe in being the change that we want to see in the world. At IMP4CT we believe change starts with each individual, and this will translate into change in our community. We are committed to being proactive, effective, and always striving to become better. At IMP4CT we refuse to become complacent. We constantly encourage growth and maturity, in our members as well as those we come in contact with everyday. Our goal is to build up future leaders and make a real ‘IMP4CT’ in our world.

The "4"

The '4' in IMP4CT represents the 'Core 4' principles that we are emphasizing in order to ensure spiritual growth and success in our ministry. The 'Core 4' principles are: ​

1. Prayer/Worship

2. Learning/Spiritual Growth

3. Fellowship

4. Outreach/Evangelism

The Services

Each week is dedicated to one of the 4 principles (in other words, this is not your usual youth group church service!). The weeks of the month go in order of the principles.


Week 1: Prayer and Worship. We will gather for a night solely focused on and dedicated to prayer and worship of God. 

Week 2: Learning and spiritual growth. This will consist of a lesson, followed by breaking students up into small groups (led by leaders) for discussion. We focus not on preaching to the students, but teaching them.


Week 3: Fellowship; Students and leaders come together and have fun! We as leaders are committed to building and furthering our relationships with students, as well as facilitating the building of relationships amongst the students themselves. These nights will consist of games, tournaments, and sometimes outside events such as bowling/mini golf/movies. 


Week 4: Outreach and Evangelism. These nights will consist of us getting out into the community in order to better the town and people around us. These nights will vary from volunteering our time at a soup kitchen/homeless shelter, to picking up trash at a local park or visiting a local nursing home. The goal of this night is just to get out and do something positive for our community.

Week 5: Joint Service. During months that have 5 Wednesdays, week 5 will be a joint service combining IMP4CT Student Ministries and the CLC program (kids grades K-6). The focus this week is to build relationships between the youth ministry and the children's ministry. The combined ministries will have a board game night, go bowling, or engage in another relationship building activity.

The Connections

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We are a friendly Free Methodist church with a passion for missions, worship and caring for each other.

IMP4CT is led by interim youth pastor Alyssa Loukota.

If you believe you might serve in a leadership role in IMP4CT, please feel free to contact us to see if this is the fit for you.


You must have a background check and you must be a part of UFMC for six months before you can apply.