Uniontown Free Methodist Church is a local congregation of followers of Jesus Christ who love God, love each other, and love the world in Uniontown, PA.

To be a member at UFMC, it is required for you:

1. To be a believer by faith in Jesus Christ;
2. To have been baptized or intend to be baptized at the earliest opportunity;
3. To desire to live and be united with the community of faith at UFMC;
4. To be ready to support UFMC with your time, talents, and treasure;
5. To complete the one-day Doorway Seminar membership course.


We are a Christian community and would love to have you join our family.

To be in leadership at UFMC, it is required for you:

1. To demonstrate a call to service by participating in a ministry at UFMC;
2. To have been in attendance at UFMC for at least six months;
3. In the case of shildren's and youth ministry, to pass a state and FBI        background check (state law);
4. To enroll in Discipleship classes.